Top 8 Daily Tips For Keeping An Espresso Machine Well Cleaned And Maintained

Lots of home equipment owners buy and then neglect their appliances, only to later come complaining that it no longer does what it was meant for. However, all seasoned equipment technicians always advice their clients to keep their equipments well cleaned and maintained so as to get the most out of them. As a part of the installation process, all their clients are taught how to properly clean and maintain their equipments. Apart from this, these sorts of technicians always avail themselves for the needed repairs, routine or emergency, when need be. Here are some daily tips to correctly clean an espresso machine, may it be a home’s or a restaurant’s.

After each shot

  • Wipe off the steaming wand arm and the screen with a damp soft cloth or duster.
  • The group head and the filter system should then be cleaned out, but with an appropriate soft brush, making sure to run some water so as to purge the head.

After a day’s service

  • Like you were regularly doing during the day, make use of a damp soft cloth to wipe off both the steam wand arm and the screen.
  • After this, carefully take away the screen, and then the dispersion plate. Using an appropriate group brush, softly clean its underside.
  • Back flush the groups head with clean water but using a blank filter.
  • After this step, it now the time to remove and clean out the drip tray. While at it, ensure that all residues under the drip tray are thoroughly cleaned out. Now put back the drip tray into its correct location.
  • Now take away the tip of the steaming wand arm and then submerge it in an appropriate cleaning solution for around fifteen minutes. The now clean tip should then be wiped down. Using some clean water, purge the steaming wand arm for approximately thirty seconds.
  • The filters should now be disassembled. Fill up the water container with enough hot water mixed with appropriate cleaning solution. Make sure that the disassembled filter parts, screen, dispersion plate, and the steaming wand arm tip are all soaked in the mixture for approximately thirty minutes. The filter rubber handle should be soaked in this solution so as to protect it.
  • Using some clean water, rinse up all the disassembled parts and then reassemble them all into their proper locations.
  • Clean the machine’s exterior, and then using a dry clean cloth, gently wipe it dry.