The international tradition of coffee

What an amazing drink! It possesses the smell of wellness and confidence, its rich finish makes you love it more and more. Yes, I mean the God among the drinks coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages people know and it is adored by the whole world. We enjoy the cup of coffee every morning and even don’t suspect that every country has its own traditions of coffee drinking. Let’s travel a little bit and come to know how it is drunk throughout the world.

Coffee has a deep and rich history. Every coffee fan knows that it appeared in Ethiopia. There is a legend, which says that the goat ate berries which gave him energy. Those berries consisted of coffee beans. It was popular among the monks, as these beans help them to pray longer. Monks dried the beans and then put it in water. Today there is a strict tradition in Ethiopia: people there can not drink coffee alone, even one household cannot do it. If someone decides to prepare a pot of coffee, all the neighbors are invited to chat and have fun while drinking this wonderful beverage. Coffee has played crucial role in socializing. It is believed, that the first coffee bar appeared in Mecca, and people were gathering there to discuss some religion issues, but soon it became the place where people can gossip, sing or do story-telling. Coffee houses became the place where all the issues and important political or even revolution questions were discussed.

The first coffee house of Europe appeared in Venice. The roots are also religious, as Christians considered coffee as a “drink of devil”, and asked the Pope to prohibit it, but Pope was himself a coffee-lover, so the beverage became quickly accepted throughout the Europe. Most European cities developed their own kinds of coffee and its drinking traditions.Italy, for example, became the founder of cappuccino and espresso. By the way, espresso is drunk in a stand-up position, and the cappuccino is never drunk after the midday, as the milk slows down the digestion. On the contrary, in France people like to drink “caf au lait” at any time of the day. The strongest coffee is drunk by the Scandinavians, probably to stand the cold.

In the United States this drink appeared thank to the famous British tea tax, which elevated the significance of coffee. The Boston Tea Party was organized in the coffee house, so this beverage became the popular sign of protest.

Now, coffee drinkers can choose among the great variety of methods, beans and roasts. Coffee is a universal drink, it has become an irreplaceable part of our busy life and every coffee fan will feel safely in any coffee house around the world, as the delight in coffee is also universal.

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