The Health Benefits of Caffeine

People everywhere always have something to say about caffeine, most of which is fairly negative, until now. New studies are now pointing to caffeine’s health benefits and its abundance of antioxidants, which means so many good things to the human body. These studies are focused in determining the chemistry that brings antioxidant-rich caffeine molecules and the act of destroying free radicals to work together effectively.

For starters, caffeine in our favorite coffee helps to keep us awake when needed, which is mostly at work so we can be productive at all times. It also offers us some protection against all those damaging free radicals; destructive molecules and atoms that wreak havoc on our healthy cells resulting to certain brain and heart diseases (including Alzheimer’s) and including other cancer forms. This is welcome news considering a good number of Americans rely on caffeine every day of their lives, whether by drinking coffee, tea, soda, counter medications, and especially with everybody’s favorite chocolates.

About two hundred to three hundred milligrams of caffeine is considered a safe amount (except for pregnant or nursing women, or those advised by doctors against it due to some personal medical complications) to give you that energy boost needed for your daily activities. Even small amounts are known to enhance every individual’s mental response times and the current mood. Too much of it though certainly makes you irritable and interferes with your sleeping. It also triggers anxiety or diarrhea.

Of course, if you want to get the best of your caffeine intake and stay healthy free from all of today’s diseases, medical experts are one in saying we are better off searching and enjoying other sources of antioxidants together with caffeine. You can have these with foods like spinach and carrots, both fantastic food choices that anyone can enjoy.

The idea that caffeine can be considered as food rather than a working drug is wrong. As you introduce caffeine into your system, it will reach every part of your body in just mere minutes, and your blood levels will peak up in thirty. By this time, your metabolism is up as your body already gave in to its effects. If generally used in moderation, coffee, among our best sources for caffeine, is also among our best source of antioxidants.

So go ahead and enjoy that coveted cup of coffee that you love, and enjoy without the guilt or worry of harming your health.