How To Use Your Tassimo T-Discs System

Tassimo is a leading innovator of one cup coffee makers. They are the ones who introduced the Tassimo T-discs systems to us. This is not your ordinary coffee maker. This coffee maker actually makes use of T-discs, also known as pods.Tassimo T-discs bring forth convenience and consistency.

If you are sick and tired of grinding your own coffee beans and measuring your ground coffee and water, you should consider getting this. Every time you brew it, your cup of coffee comes out with consistent aroma and flavor. You need to purchase your Tassimo coffee maker first. It is little pricier than your standard coffee maker.

The next thing you need to do is to buy the T-discs. The discs or pods are available in packs. Get them in packs so you can save more money. There are different flavors to choose from. You can choose from Gevalia, Maxwell and Starbucks to name a few.

Now you are ready to brew the discs. Turn your coffee machine on just like how you would turn on your regular coffee maker. There should be instructions on how you can operate your machine included in the package. At the back of the machine, remove the water receptacle and fill it up with clean drinking water. Get your favorite coffee cup or mug and place it under the spout where the brew will come out. Now put your T-disc in the space allotted for it. Put down the brewing lid and lock it. Make sure the auto light has turned on before pressing the start or on button.

The Tassimo system uses the barcode on the lid of the pod. The barcode is where the set of instructions are hidden to determine the amount of water, the brewing time and the temperature needed to perfect the brew. The machine also allows you to manually set additional instructions so you can customize the taste to suit your needs.

Just wait for the brewing process to finish. After a few minutes, you can now drink your coffee. Turn the machine off and remove the pod from the machine.

While the price of the Tassimo system may be relatively high versus your average cup of joe, the prices are getting much better. And when you consider the opportunity that exists now with buying the Tassimo T Discs in bulk, it really is not uncommon to get a great deal on your Tassimo system.

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