How To Make Frappe

A frappe is the perfect drink for a coffee break in the sun. On a warm sunny day, there is nothing better than an iced coffee to freshen you up during the most hot hours of the day. When the heat starts making you feel a little lazy and tired, a nice cool coffee drink will freshen you up and give you energy to continue your day. A frappe is very refreshing, it is a real energy booster and it tastes great too.

A frappe is an iced coffee beverage that must be served with ice cubes. It is originally from Greece where people are sipping frappe all day in the hot summer days. A real frappe is made using instant coffee of a good quality as this will determine the taste. It is really easy to make frappe once you have done it a couple of times. The most difficult thing is to get the ratio right. This depend on the size of the glass you are using. But once you have learned how to make it you can easily do it just using your eyes to determine the correct amount.

In Europe, a frappe is made using instant coffee, water, ice cubes, suger and perhaps a bit of milk on top. The sugar and the instant coffee is shaken or mixed until it creates a thick froth. Once the froth has the right texture, the ice cubes and the water is added. This will leave the froth to collect on top. The iced coffee is then consumed using a straw.

In America, there are other variations of the frappe. Here, a frappe is often a thicker type of iced coffee that has the same texture of a milkshake. A frappe can also be referring to a thin milkshake made using any kind of ice cream that is blended with milk. However, a frappe can also be a milkshake that is made using coffee and ice cream that is blended together into a thick coffee milkshake.

Another type of frappe that is often seen in America is an iced coffee beverage that is based on crushed ice. This kind of frappe is made using chilled coffee mixed with cream that is put in a blender with ice cubes and then blended until the ice is broken into tiny bits of ice. Different types of syrup can be added to this kind of iced coffee to add flavor.

No matter what type of frappe you prefer there is no doubt that a frappe is the perfect match for a coffee break in the sun.