Coffee consumptiom: Myths and Truths

Many believe that coffee drinking is just an unhealthy habit and it can only have negative side effects on our health. Research conducted on coffee though shows that coffee consumption can have many benefits on our health and that our perception about it might be affected by people that over consume coffee. Here are some myths and truths about coffee.

Coffee and cancer

Researchers in Japan have discovered that daily coffee consumption can prevent the occurrence of liver cancer. The results of the study, that included a total of 90,000 Japanese, showed that regular coffee drinkers had a 50% less chance of developing liver cancer. The effect was more prevalent among those who had one or two cups of coffee every day, whereas the best results were recorded for those that had three or four cups.

Coffee and its many antioxidants

Despite the extensive researcher performed, scientists have not been able to determine which of the ingredients contained in coffee is responsible for its cancer protective ability however many tend to think that this might be a result of the many antioxidants contained in it. On the other hand, when researches tried to draw conclusions by studying green tea benefits, which is as rich as coffee in antioxidants, they found that its consumption did not have similar results.

Coffee drinking and blood pressure

Coffee over consumption increases blood pressure causes anxiety and insomnia, migraines or severe headaches. A research done at John Hopkins University of Medicine that included one thousand students indicated that over consumption of caffeine caused a slight increase in blood pressure. Nevertheless, this increase was not found to be significant enough that can lead into hypertension.

Coffee and caries

Tannins that are contained in both regular coffee and decaf can help with the prevention of teeth decay. Tea, cocoa and coffee can actually work as an oral cleaning solution.

Some facts about coffee

1. The level of alertness and sleeplessness that can be caused by coffee varies depending on the sensitivity of the each person and of course how many cups of coffee someone had.

2. Coffee can increase stress in people that are anxious.

3. There is no proof so far that coffee drinking increases the chance of someone suffering from cardiovascular diseases or some form of cancer.

4. Young children can be affected by coffee much more than adults.

Coffee Addiction

1. Withdrawal symptoms might appear in people that they abruptly stop drinking coffee and used to drink many cups every day. Typical withdrawal symptoms are drowsiness accompanied by headaches and weariness. Symptoms usually last around a week.

2. It has been found that smokers drink more coffee than those who do not smoke. Interestingly, decaf increases the desire for a cigarette more than regular coffee.

Coffee pros

Drinking a couple of cups of coffee every day can have the following positive effects:

1. Coffee can prevent diabetes. According to research those who had a couple of coffee cups every day reduced the chance of developing diabetes B by around 30%. In case you are suffering with diabetes you can use artificial sweeteners in your coffee that usually contain aspartame. Of course many questions and myths exist about what is aspartame so make sure you consult with your doctor before you start using it.

2. Coffee drinking stimulates us thus it helps us with being more focus and vigilant.

3. Coffee drinking can prevent the development of Parkinson’s disease. A study that was ran for almost 30 years with 8,000 men has shown that coffee drinkers were 5 times less likely to develop Parkinson’s.