Coffee consumptiom: Myths and Truths

Many believe that coffee drinking is just an unhealthy habit and it can only have negative side effects on our health. Research conducted on coffee though shows that coffee consumption can have many benefits on our health and that our perception about it might be affected by people that over consume coffee. Here are some […] Read more »

Health Benefits of Caffeine – Truth or Myth?

People have enjoyed caffeinated beverages for many years. The earliest record of caffeine consumption dates back to at least 2700 B.C., when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung drank hot brewed tea. Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in the leaves, seeds or fruits of at least 100 different species worldwide and is part of a […] Read more »

The Health Benefits of Caffeine

People everywhere always have something to say about caffeine, most of which is fairly negative, until now. New studies are now pointing to caffeine’s health benefits and its abundance of antioxidants, which means so many good things to the human body. These studies are focused in determining the chemistry that brings antioxidant-rich caffeine molecules and […] Read more »

How To Make Frappe

A frappe is the perfect drink for a coffee break in the sun. On a warm sunny day, there is nothing better than an iced coffee to freshen you up during the most hot hours of the day. When the heat starts making you feel a little lazy and tired, a nice cool coffee drink […] Read more »